The Way Home

Where do you feel most at home? Maybe you’re nostalgic for where you’re from. Maybe you couldn’t wait to leave. Maybe home is where you’ll sleep tonight. Maybe you’re still searching. In a year when migrant children have been sent to live in a tent city, rents for a San Francisco apartment reached an average of $3,750, and wildfires destroyed entire communities, the question of how people find and define “home” has never felt more urgent. We asked 34 photographers to travel across the West, capturing stories about home for our first all-photography issue. Look. And listen — audio footnotes invite you to hear from many of the people you’ll meet in these pages. We’ve also curated and designed an accompanying exhibition at the Aperture Foundation’s renowned photography gallery in New York (December 6 to January 4), turning the gallery space into an expanded version of our cover essay — a magazine story you can walk through. We’ll share even more photographs and stories in the weeks to come on Instagram and at californiasunday.com. This special issue, “The Way Home,” unfolds in three chapters. We begin far away.



Far Away

First and Last Days

Photographs by Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin

A Family Separated

Photographs by Daniele Volpe

Living on Foot

Photographs by Daniel Leivick

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What They Carried: Eight objects that survived a lifetime of moves

Photographs by Carlos Chavarría

Camping Out With Long-Distance Firefighters

Photographs by Justin Maxon

In Between

The Border Commuter

Photographs by Alejandro Cegarra

A Town Designed to Make Them Remember

Photographs by Michelle Groskopf

Where I’ve Lived: Eight homes of a 13-year-old former foster kid

Photographs by Carlos Chavarría

Diehards and Deserters of Shorewood High School’s Class of 1988

Photographs by Kristine Potter

The Roommate Audition

Photographs by Natasha Dangond


Meet the Residents of the Contested Territory of Boyle Heights

Photographs by Star Montana

What’s for Dinner: Go-to meals that 12 people put on the table

Photographs by Carlos Chavarría

Nineteen Photographers Go Searching for Home

Photographs by Ash Adams, David Black, Widline Cadet, Erica Deeman, Lauren Angalis Field, Katy Grannan, Gregory Halpern, Talia Herman, Texas Isaiah, Taylor Kay Johnson, Pixy Liao, Sanaz Mazinani, Andrew Miksys, Ricardo Nagaoka, Ahndraya Parlato, Karen Miranda Rivadeneira, Irina Rozovsky, Marshall Scheuttle, Mark Steinmetz

Post-Prison Homecomings

Photographs by Brian L. Frank

Pets, Peeves, and People of Nextdoor

Photographs by Holly Andres

Rent Strikers

Photographs by Arlene Mejorado

Move-in Day With Two No-Longer-Homeless Men

Photographs by Jim Goldberg